Comic Review: Deadpool #7

Its Deadpool vs Santa Claus in fight to the death inside the pages of Marvel’s latest comedic adventure, Deadpool #7.

When Santa doesn’t deliver any presents to the children of the world, they retaliate by setting up a crowd-funding page and hiring Deadpool to assassinate Jolly Old St. Nick. From there, Deadpool travels to the North Pole searching for Santa and finds his house ransacked, and engages in a gunfight with Mrs. Claus before getting into a brawl with a drunken and psychotic Santa. The story then spirals into a rescue mission to retrieve Santa’s elves from a megalomaniacal elf who sells Santa’s workforce to a corporation that exploits the elves’ slave labor for profit. Needless to say, Deadpool’s slapstick potty humor helps turn an absurd scenario into possibly the funniest issue I’ve read in quite some time.

Writer Skottie Young gives readers a fast paced and violent tale that combines hilarity with brutality. Deadpool’s signature sarcasm and over the top humor is in full form as he negotiates his mercenary rates with a group of pissed off kids.  He then pleads with Santa to return to his job delivering presents just so that Deadpool doesn’t have to kill him. With every scene that Deadpool is in, Young showcases his quick wit and screwball sense of humor. Whether its making veiled sexual references to Mrs. Claus to his vulgar, Christmas themed commentary during his fight with Santa, Skottie Young ensures that this issue will leave readers laughing and shaking their head in disbelief as they skim the pages.

Adding to the irreverent theme of this issue is artist Nic Klein’s stellar artwork. Whether it is the violent and gory fight scene between Deadpool and Santa or an all-out gunfight with Corporate Security guards, Nic Klein illustrates the fight scenes much like a stunt choreographer would direct an action scene in a film; deliberately allowing the fight to progress and influence the storyline as the fights unfold. Add to that Klein’s detailed and vivid imagery, and this issue is among the best looking issues to be released this week.

Verdict – 9/10 – For readers looking for a lighthearted, entertaining adventure, Deadpool #7 delivers on all levels, and is a definite addition to any comic fan’s pull list.

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