Comic Review: Despicable Deadpool #300

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After 299 issues of crude behavior and over the top violence, Wade Wilson is intent on ending his life in an extraordinary blaze of glory in The Despicable Deadpool #300. Of course, with Deadpool, nothing ever goes according to plan, and what unfolds is a barrage of bathroom humor and insane scenarios that can only be found in Deadpool’s corner of the Marvel Universe.

Serving as the conclusion for the current storyline, “The Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool,” issue #300 is also the swan song for longtime writer Gerry Duggan. Duggan even inserted himself into a few panels of this issue and has an interesting encounter with Deadpool. Needless to say, Duggan contributed so much to the character’s development and to his lore, fans will no doubt reference Duggan’s run as one of the best in the character’s history. Aside from Duggan, this issue features cameos from several Marvel heroes like Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Daredevil, who are intent on capturing Wade and bringing him to justice in response to things he has done in the previous chapters of this storyline. For those who have not been keeping up with the current Deadpool run, Marvel has included a brief recap on the first page of the issue and enough of the backstory is told through the various character’s dialogue that anyone can fill in the gaps and enjoy the story.

In terms of the story, Deadpool has placed a twenty million dollar bounty on his head hoping that the deadliest villains and heroes would come to collect and ultimately kill him. Deadpool’s death wish stems from his actions during the Secret Empire storyline, and has Wade shouldering a large amount of guilt for his association with the Evil Captain America. After injuring several members of S.H.I.E.L.D. during this time, Wade decides that he must die to atone for his deeds. But in classic Deadpool fashion, even this becomes a slapstick routine for Wade and everyone who comes to collect. Wade’s confrontation with the Avengers at the beginning of the issue is the group of pages I have read in quite a while. While it is common to see the Avengers defeated in combat or face overwhelming odds, I never imagined I would see the team subdued to a mass case of vomiting. Literally every panel in the first 6 pages is doused in vomit, with icons like Daredevil and Scarlet Witch blowing chunks due to Deadpool’s accidental use of an Alien Stink Weapon. The rest of the issue follows suit, and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the fact that even as a 35 year old man, I still got a pre-teen sense of joy watching the Avengers puke their guts out in such a silly manner.

Anyone familiar with Deadpool knows that this character is not wholesome or as safe as Spiderman or Captain America. He is crass and vulgar and prone to sensational acts of violence, and this is what makes him such a popular character. Personally, that’s what makes this such a fun title to read: the emphasis on humor and slapstick comedy combined with modern comic book tropes. Definitely pick up this issue and treat yourself to some fun, and I hope that the new creative team can sustain this in the future.

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