Comic Review: The Green Lantern #4

When DC announced that Grant Morrison would be the primary writer on the Green Lantern reboot, I was initially conflicted with the idea. I love Morrison’s superhero work, especially All-Star Superman, but I was skeptical on what he would bring to the GL universe, especially since the last few storylines from the previous volume were very entertaining. But after reading The Green Lantern #4, I was amazed at how Morrison’s vision for this title will alter the Green Lantern Corp.

The story revolves around strangers trading stories in an intergalactic bar. The first stranger recalls how a Blackstar bullied his way into a secret vault on an alien planet under threat of destruction by beings called the Sun-Eaters. Meanwhile, the second stranger interjects his own story of how Hal Jordan leads a group of Green Lanterns on a mission to stop the same Sun-Eaters. Their two stories intermingle as they both press each other for details until the both reveal their true identities: Countess Belezebeth and Hal Jordan. This revelation between hero and villain then leads into a shocking cliff hanger that ensures I’ll be waiting with anticipation for the next issue.

It’s the transitions between these two distinct storylines that makes this issue great. Morrison’s storytelling ability is on full display as he juggles the villain’s pursuit of power and Hal’s mission to save Earth’s impending doom from the villain’s Sun-Eaters.  He showcases Hal Jordan’s drive to save the day, as well as emphasize Countess Belezebeth’s desire for power.

This juxtaposition between the two characters and their motives is also accentuated with Liam Sharp’s stellar pencils and Steve Oliff’s captivating colorwork. The artwork within this issue is among the best that DC has offered in 2019, with Sharp’s highly detailed action scenes and Oliff’s use of warm and cool colors to differentiate between the dueling storylines.  This is top tier work by two masters of their craft, and I found myself focusing on the visuals just as much as Morrison’s words.

The Green Lantern #4 separates itself from the rest of DC’s titles with its intriguing storytelling and amazing artwork. Those combined elements create one of 2019’s sleeper titles of the year, and I highly recommend adding The Green Lantern to any comic fan’s list.

Verdict – 5/5 – Amazing storytelling and artwork propel this captivating story towards an unexpected cliffhanger that will blow reader’s minds.

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