Deadpool at the Mercy of a New Villain – Deadpool #11 Review

Deadpool is a character who has never been too concerned with the fallout and devastation of his actions. His over the top blend of violence and dark humor has often put him in situations where he must come face to face with what he has done. In Deadpool #11, the Merc with a Mouth must contend with a new villain whose origin is a direct result of his past actions.

The issue opens with Deadpool nailed to a wall, his body just an empty bag of flesh and organs after having his bones ripped from his body by his captor, Good Night. Good Night reveals himself to Deadpool and explains that his existence is based on Deadpool killing his Mom and Dad years ago. Good Night’s explanation of his Parents murder in an alley is a tongue in cheek reference to Batman’s origin. In fact, most of the issue is dedicated to Good Night’s ascent from an orphaned child, to his extensive combat training and survival skills. These scenes include Good Night battling dinosaurs with his bare hands, and even fighting his way out of Hell after discovering he is part of a bigger plot involving Mephisto.

Of course, while Good Night is focused on his monologue, Deadpool’s healing ability causes his bones to regenerate. This give Deadpool time to hilariously point out all the faults in Good Night’s story before he counters with an attack of his own. The last few panels show Deadpool and Good Night exchange blows before Deadpool puts him down in the last panel. This obviously is a tease for the next issue, where hopefully we get to see more of this savage fight.

This was a straightforward issue story-wise, with the focus on building Good Night into a formidable opponent for Deadpool. However, Wade’s sarcastic and smart mouthed humor added just the right amount of satire and humor that was needed for this issue. In fact, Deadpool’s remarks about Good Night’s past poked fun at the classic comic book and superhero tropes for origin stories. This comedic self-awareness is what makes this the funniest comic book currently being published.

This trademark humor is courtesy of writer Skottie Young, who has proven that he can maintain and build upon the hilarious foundation that previous writers like Gerry Duggan have paved. However, highlight of the issue is the artwork. Artists Scott Hepburn and Ian Herring add a vast amount of detail in the training scenes where Good Night battles a dinosaur and fights his way out of Hell. These are stark contrasts to the toned-down images shown when Good Night is talking to Deadpool, right before the violence erupts between the two. This creative team work so well together, and make this a fun issue to look at and read.

Though this issue was mostly backstory, it was still enjoyable enough to read through, and it has me excited to see what comes next as Deadpool is back in fighting shape.

Verdict: B

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